what we do

We are a group of building professionals working with clients, architects, engineers, developers and contractors to develop and implement innovative building solutions using CLT / Cross Laminated Timber and Glulam system in partnership with leading European manufacturer Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH. Our role as an importer and distributor for the Binderholz BBS/CLT and Glulam products allows us to deliver a complete package straight to our client's site.


The goal is to provide complete solutions to our clients by providing complete support from the very early stages of a project. We collaborate with the client through the design development phase up to a final construction drawings set. Once the drawings are completed we work directly with Binderholz to process the production order, import and deliver to the construction site.


We work directly with the client's local architect and engineer to develop a 3D model of the CLT/GL structure and address specific structural requirements. Especially in the EU market we specialize in direct engineering support of Binderholz clients.


As part of our package solutions, we do also offer on-site assistance when required. This can be done by arranging training sessions or by recommending specialized installation services by trained installers we collaborate with. We always make a point to assist the local contractor early on in the process as the proper planning is crucial to ensure the success of the project.